Stylus Light Pen with Mobile Touch


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What’s not to love about a simple 2 in 1 touch screen stylus ball pen? Rather than look for that same old expensive branded stylus, why not give someone a more universal tool? This ball point pen is easy to use and comes with several gorgeous features. Made from tough acrylic, this pen has a rubber grip and curved build for comfortable writing. As a bonus, its availability in red or black and metallic finish provide some welcome style with undeniable substance. And you even get a tough, luxury case with your order which doubles as a display case and pen holder.

Buyers of this stylus cum ballpoint pen can have up to 25 of their chosen characters printed on both sides of their pen. This could be a name, contact number, or a short phrase that means a lot
to you or someone else.

An Innovation in Mobile-Oriented Stationery

  • For phone users, there is nothing more convenient than an off-the-shelf alternative to a high maintenance phone stylus. This 2-in-1 ball point pen is compatible with just about any capacitive touch screen. That means that, apart from phones, you can operate tablets, some PCs, and any other touch-powered device with it.
  • This little innovation alone makes it a superior investment to those fragile, branded styluses. And if that weren’t enough, the printed moniker on your pen offers another visual treat: a light show. This battery-powered LED is also visible through the tip, allowing you to use your pen in dim light.
  • The 2 in 1 touch screen stylus ball pen is built to last and easy to maintain. As a gift, this works for any occasion and can be a fitting offering to anyone you know who has a phone.