Luxury Wooden Pen With Engraved Name


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When browsing fancy gifts, a ball pen’s price in Pakistan stores should either be a bargain or worth splurging on.
While not the cheapest item on your potential bucket list, the engraved luxury wooden pen is no frivolous purchase. The design alone makes it an elite gift investment to treat yourself or a loved one to. Bonuses like gift wrapping and refills are just the icing on the case.

Unique, Rustic Design

Sophistication comes from different stylistic choices, and not all visually stunning gifts cater to contemporary aesthetics. That is what sets the luxury wooden pen apart from the crowd.
A combination of glossy fittings and a one-of-a-kind finish that resembles professionally carved wood makes for a fantastic old-school look. This pen is proof that “rustic” doesn’t mean unsophisticated. Rather, it reflects a minimalist build with a flair for premium craftsmanship.
But don’t let the looks fool you. Thanks to the use of quality materials, it’s a durable product that lasts longer than its humble appearance suggests. On top of that, the writing that you get out of it is as effortless as it feels in your hand.
The case of it being perhaps the best ball pen in Pakistan is strong. And speaking of cases…

Comes With A Matching Pen Holder

As if the construction and looks weren’t enough, buyers of this wood-look pen also get a luxury box as well. Like the pen itself, the box also comes with custom engraving, but that’s not all. This sturdy contraption opens with a rotating motion, allowing it to double as a pen case and display.
On one hand, this allows you to keep your pen secure at home or at travel. Then again, if you’ve got something as chic as this, why not make it the centerpiece of your office or workstation?